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Get Everything For Creating WordPress Websites In One Place

Webshop owners needs will be met with Kava PRO theme that offers full compatibility with WooCommerce and all the important ecommerce pages like Cart, Checkout and Products.

CrocoBlock products are of the Top Quality Design. A lot of attention has been paid to products’ design, perfecting them to meet even the highest demands.

The best solution for beginners is the WordPress Elementor:

You will be able to:
build pages intuitively with an advanced drag-n-drop page builder & modular system on board!
accomplish tasks of almost any complexity with premium Jet plugins bundle and lots of ready-made website demos!
use the Kava PRO theme, which is by far the best option for beginners.

WordPress Developers can benefit a great deal from CrocoBlock Kava PRO theme that is perfect for developers and will become an irreplaceable toolset. Part of it are Jet plugins which allow developers to work quickly.

KavaPRO package and WordPress KAVA theme allow web-studios save money they would spend on plugins, themes and high-quality images, while delivering results to clients in an easy fashion because of the modular structure.

CrocoBlock’s code is suitable for complex tasks.

CrocoBlock is aimed for large and small projects because of the high scalability and functionality.

Bloggers can choose from a large number of blog variations with different layouts and widgets. Implementation of creative and attractive elements is really easy.